Old Town Beaumont

The Oaks Historical District, lovingly referred to as “Old Town” by locals, is one of the best places to live in Beaumont. The district is characterized by beautiful homes with big, Southern porches and tall, shady trees all within biking distance of the 1920’s architecture of Beaumont’s historic Downtown. Roughly bordered North and South by I-10 and Smart St., East and West by 11th St. and MLK Blvd., respectively. Though, if you ask more cautious residents, they may advise you to stay North of Calder Ave. between 11th and 7th.

Unfortunately, high crime rates and streets full of potholes have deterred residents from further development of the region. You’re as likely to see a mansion with towering fences next door to an unkempt yard. Still, the length to travel is more inspiring to those who love the unique culture and history of living near downtown. Projects like the Calder expansion have revitalized pedestrian traffic, and new businesses are popping up along the street lamp lined streets, each one a beacon of progress for a city in desperate need of self-love.

If you’ve got an adventurous and creative spirit, consider living in Old Town. You’ll discover a community unlike any other in Beaumont.

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Mark Your Calendar: Beaumont’ Best Recurring Events

Every Monday (Spring through Fall): Lunch at the Lake

Hosted by the City of Beaumont, food trucks gather at the Event Centre near Downtown Beaumont every Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This event highlights the diversity of Beaumont’s cuisine as well as the beautiful Event Centre. Lucky for us, Beaumont has basically nine months of summer, meaning there are just a few short months of cold when Lunch at the Lake takes a hiatus.

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Every Saturday (Spring through Fall): Beaumont Farmer’s Market

The Beaumont Farmer’s Market has been truly picking up steam since my first visit in 2011. It starts every year in Mid-March and lasts until almost December. Open from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., regulars recommend arriving early for the best selection of produce. Vendors range from leafy greens, to goat cheese. You can sometimes find local coffee shops and/or restaurants selling breakfast and coffee.

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First Thursday of the Month: First Thursdays on Calder

This event varies as each individual business sets their own agenda, and not all businesses along Calder participate each first Thursday. One location you can count on is at the Mildred Building where Katherine & Co. (a popular lunch location) extends their hours to dinner time, with an added beer and wine menu. Vendors line up outside the Mildred to sell miscellaneous wares, businesses open late and host sales, and live music plays directly in front of Katherine & Co.’s doors. Other regularly occurring First Thursday events include $1 tacos at Tacos la Bamba, free drinks and snacks plus vintage shopping at the Tattered Suitcase, and 2-for-1 burgers at Luke’s. Urban Habitat, Rao’s and Balimports also periodically host events. Local magazine cat5 always has the full list, so check with them the Wednesday before First Thursday for that month’s line-up.

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Third Thursday of the Month: Free Pint Jockey’s Tasting at Del Papa

From the outside, the Del Papa Distribution Center looks just like its name sounds: a big warehouse of beer. However, step inside and you’ll be ushered into a Texas-themedtasting room with free, delicious beer. You must be 21 and up to participate, but you’ll get six drink tickets (enough to sample all the offered beers, if you arrive before supplies run out). In fact, these beers often pack a punch so it’s wise to bring a designated driver. You can take your free tasting glass home or leave it for future beer lovers, either way this is the perfect event to be introduced to a variety of beer flavors and discover where to buy your favorites around town.

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When I moved to Beaumont three years ago, finding locally awesome things was difficult. Local businesses rarely had up-to-date comprehensive websites and didn’t make use of Facebook or Yelp to connect with customers. As a new resident of Beaumont, finding any information online was like pulling teeth.

Over the past three years, that has changed quite substantially (thanks, cat5!). Businesses now have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. If they haven’t listed themselves on Yelp, at least other people have. The change is welcome, but Beaumont needs a little push to become the internet-friendly city where I want to live.

Enter this site, which seeks to be a local repository of what I love about this city, plus a few happy hours on the side.

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