Hi, my name is Christina Trujillo. When I moved to Beaumont three years ago, finding locally awesome things was difficult. Local businesses rarely had up-to-date comprehensive websites and didn’t make use of Facebook orĀ Yelp to connect with customers. As a new resident of Beaumont, finding any information online was like pulling teeth.

Over the past three years, that has changed quite substantially (thanks, cat5!). Businesses now have Facebooks and Twitter accounts. If they haven’t listed themselves on Yelp, at least other people have. The change is welcome, but Beaumont needs a little push to become the internet-friendly city where I want to live.

Short of local businesses hiring me to build their websites (which, you know, they totally can), I’m using this website to compile information about local businesses all in one place. It’s really more for my use than anything else. Sometimes, I just want to know about a local happy hour, see what people have to say on Yelp, read the cat5 review, and head out there in one sitting.

Right now, I’m not making any money off this, and I’ll take any help I can get, so if you’d like to help me compile resources for local Beaumonters in one place, have at it!